Conventional ATF

For traditional vehicles.
Traditional Quaker State® automatic transmission fluids are manufactured with highly refined base oils and performance additives. They are designed to keep vehicles shifting smoothly and running cool under various operating temperatures. DEXRON®III, MECRON® - Recommended for all automatic transmissions requiring DEXRON®III, DEXRON®II, DEXRON®IIE, or MERCON® transmission fluids. Exceeds Allison C4 specifications. ATF+3® Formulated for use in Chrysler Corp. automatic transmissions/transaxles where a Chrysler MS-7176, Mopar® or Mopar ATF+3® is specified. Not recommended where DEXRON®III or MERCON® fluids are required. Special Import - Manufactured with highly refined base oils and performance additives to satisfy automotive manufacturers ATF specifications where DEXRON®II, DEXRON®IID fluids are recommended. Type F (FLM)Specially compounded fluid taht meets the latest Ford ESW-M2C33F specification, and is compatible with all M2C33 series FGord specs. All 1983 and later model Ford automatic transmissions can use Quaker State® DEXRON®III/MERCON® or MERCON®V automatic transmission fluids.

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